Project Capsize

I agreed to go to the company party now and read my speech. I can’t really say I am nervous about it, more disappointed that people have read it already.  I did some touch ups on it however so it flows a little better and is easier to read. Hopefully all is well and it sounds great because my speech two years ago was a tough act to follow. That one made people cry, I like making people cry. In a way it is special to hit people right in their hearts.

So anyway I changed the name to Capsize because everything is all turned around at work, I hope people will get the irony of it all. I hope my bosses think it is goos and not offended by what I wrote.

I never thought when I grew up I was going to be anything but a writer. It is my passion, but it is also so cliche to think that way about one’s self. I think I should have been anything but a prison guard, but how does anyone ever get paid for writing these days? Sure it would be awesome to publish a book, but just about anyone can do that these days.

Plus I have no material. I am not the one that explodes with ideas everyday, but it feels like it with this blogg at least. I am getting somewhere, I am posting something almost everyday and that I suppose is the start to anything.

Saved By Zero is a project I have been working on for years. It went from a novel to a collection of short stories, to whatever. I am going to post my projects here and see if they get me anywhere, if they inspire me.

We will see how it goes. Looking forward to making this into something, or at least trying.

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