[bohn]: such as from an edible animal, such a structure, usually with meat adhering to it, as an article of food

I am the one in silence watching the world behind the lenses of shaking cameras above blowing in the air above you.

I watched the air outside that day cry like a shower of warm hot stickiness and prayed for mud and wet streets below your feet.

I know you were the one looking above praying for the sun to dry the streets below you and for the mud to never come.


You walked down the line for hours smiling and waving your hands in triumph like a soldier returning from battle.

You stripped off your uniform and changed your battle gear to step into the camp and sit among the masses.

You smiled as the gate opened and the world of selfies and handshaking fell upon you.


The man behind the bar would slowly hand you the cold overpriced beer you would cup in your hands.

The card would fit nicely as your fine clipped numbs would fumble over four number codes.

The beer would run down your throat like a child sliding down a waterslide at a swimming pool.


Refrigerator girls standing by you not making the moves you wanted.

Party girls throwing their bodies in convulsions like an epileptic seizure.

Sweat forming drops on your forehead like the rain of the earlier day.


I peeled my clothes like a banana.

I brushed my teeth like the brush was made of hard wire.

I swallowed the pills and I slowly slid under the hot blanket.


In our bed.

I dreamed of you in a haze about being next to me.


You slowly put your arms around her neck and danced to the music.

You slowly slipped your tongue in her mouth like poison of a deadly snake.


The music played louder and with each beat you forgot about me.


You got amnesia.

I fell into a coma.



You grabbed her hand and walked across the field like two children going off to play on the swings of a playground.


You exchanged pleasantries like the basic statistics on a baseball card.


And then you walked into the room and locked the door.


Hands fumbled across breasts like teenagers in the back of a car on the side of the road.

Your bones touched like two raw stones as you quickly kissed her in passionate throws.

Clothes fell off the body like the wardrobe of a teenage girl looking for the first outfit for the school year.


You slowly ran your tongue down her legs in that cold tile room.


She arched her back and purred like a cat on its master’s knee.


She did the same, and you roared like a lion.


You got amnesia.

I fell into a coma.


You walked out the door and said goodbye and parted in the sea of people like a boat on rough waters.


Your fingers pushed the keys of the phone and whispered you loved me and would be home soon.


You remembered.

I did not want to wake up.


My eyes are glued to the cameras again.

Looking around at the bones below.


All I can think about is that night you went to battle.

How you got amnesia.

I fell into a coma.

And the bones that were left there on that white tiled floor.



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