[ri- leef]:  alleviation, ease, or deliverance through the removal of pain, distress, oppression, etc

So on Monday we sat there at the radiology lab with our fingers crossed. Tests to be done. A mammography and and an ultra sound, It felt like no time at all, but it felt like forever at the same time.

I sat outside waiting… waiting to avoid getting tons of radiation on me. Then directly after we were sent to the little patient room with the papered covered bed: Take your top off and lie here…again.

She laid down half-naked on the bed with a look of frozen in her eyes. The room was cold, she was exposed and I sat in a chair by the jackets watching her.

This was the moment of truth; the ultra sound.

The doctor came in the room, and seemed a lot nicer than the one a couple of years ago. He did not say a word and left us clueless wondering if it was cancer or not, but she spoke. She smiled and she talked in a whirlwind about fat lumps and that this one was bigger than normal.

We had to ask her more than once…

“This is not cancer?” and then she kept saying no.

We were relieved. It was like a big stone was lifted off my chest, and an even bigger building off Annette’s.

We celebrated with McDonalds for the family. She went nuts and had a milkshake.

We were back to normal. Back to normal life of going to work, going home from work. Kids coming in and out. It is nice to be normal again.

My daughter came home today. With interesting stories about not having water at my ex’s house. She cannot shit there so she has to hold it until she gets to school… exciting stuff that happens in her almost 7 year old life.

She has a bad cold and is staying at home for the next two days (I am off) snot running out of her nose and coughing a little here and there.

Still annoyingly whistling all the time (a non stop habit she has declared to make us crazy).

Hopefully she will be a bit better for Friday, so I can go to work and not loose pay.

Both the boys are sick and at home.

And my wife is at home working from the house because she had to take me to leave my car at the mechanic. Because in the past 6 month I have been determined to drive under a steel beam and also crash into a sign on the side of the road.

Costing me ungodly amounts of money and making the insurance company wanting to kill me.

I am in love with my rental car and will be crushed when we have to say good-bye forever.. but am conflicted my the love for my little car too.

See things are back to normal again.

—-time to get going with that book I am writing.

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