[rahy-ting]: the act of a person or thing that writes.

So… my daughter has a cold and sounds like she ate a frog for breakfast. She is now neatly placed in front of the television watching some film with talking dogs and I am here writing about writing.

I wish I was the hand in the picture above. They look like they are getting things done.

I often wonder to myself how many people actually look at my blog. I look at the stats and they are not so good. Which makes me wonder why that not is when I see people with over thousands of people following them.

Are my posts boring? I know… I am being a real diva right now.

So everyone tells me I should be writing a book, and good news! I have been working on that for quite sometime. If you go to the post here:


You can see the first chapter.

The second one will be coming along one of these days but I will make sure to post it on here so you can get a sneak peak of rough drafts of things I write.

So keep yourself updated… next one is called “Back on the Chain Gang”.

Just a little mini update.


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