[poo sh-bak]: opposition or resistance to a plan.

I have been the victim of pushback. Not just a little pushback, but for considering how small this blog is… in proportion it is quite a lot.

I feel like if I write about it here in detail it will just cause a bit of a flurry and I do not really do not need anymore comments or e-mails about what I say is wrong, or is advice of how I write in my blog.

See, that is just that. This is MY blog. The way I see things. Not how people should think I should write or what I need to say or what I want to say.

A part of me would like to take the comments and write them down one for one and then explain why I wrote what I wrote, or who or if or whatever!

The point is… it is MY blog!

I keep telling you all out there in some off weird internet system that people have told me before to write;

“You really should write a book about your life,”

“You have the wrong job… you should be a writer,”

The problem is the pushback.  I don’t feel like I can even come close to telling my story because people have to tell me how they think I should tell my story.

So… it makes me paranoid. IT makes me doubt myself and above all it makes me have a really hard time trusting myself in the “process”.

I write on here a lot about my process and I share what I write because I want you to see what happens in my life and the characters through my eyes and experience are being created. Some of the things may not be 100 precent of the truth, but it is ALWAYS the stories I have been told.

And in my book project I think it is great if you feel yourself hit by a target. It means that I provoked you. I got a reaction and that is what the whole point of writing is. To get a reaction.

To the people that do not believe in the pushback and take it for what it is. Thank you. You are what keeps me going. You are what gives me courage.

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