I’m So Tired

[ahy uh m soh tahyuhrd]: John Lennon wrote this at a transcendental meditation camp in India when he couldn’t sleep. He was meditating day and night, and after three weeks of meditation and lectures by Indian gurus he missed his soon-to-be wife, Yoko Ono, and came up with the song. The Beatles went on the retreat to study with the Maharishi. When it was over, Lennon thought it was a crock, but he wrote some good songs while he was there.

Today is day 4 of 6 over. 2 more days left to work and then I am finished for a whole week. I wished I would have asked for vacation because this schedule is killing me.

Right now tonight I am watching bingo on TV while pondering and hating my wife’s job that has ripped her from this bingo TV to work. So now I am on the couch waiting for the next lottery and the final bingo match so I can finally go to bed.

I am so tired. I hate waking up at 5 in the morning to drive on icy roads in the dark in minus temperatures, dunking down caffeine pills and pulling myself together for 9 hours at work.

I am so tired, I am so tired.

I wish I had ore to write here, that I could tell you all of my brilliant thoughts, but the highlights of my time have been at work have been watching a guy pee in a coke bottle (plastic) and not spill, and the stress of “where am I going to cook this years ham at the jail”.

This ham thing is really stressing me out. I have to make the 3 kg ham. It needs to be made, otherwise I bought a 3kg ham and have none to eat it, or our Christmas feast  at work will be a disaster.

This feast is a big deal. And my delightful hams and turkeys are famous with the co-workers.

So this is what a tired person thinks about. Bingo and Ham.

I am holding on for this last bingo with all the will in me.  Please be over soon.



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