Blue Christmas

[bloo kris-mus h]: Originally recorded by Western actor Doye O’Dell in 1948, the song found popularity two years later with a cover by Ernest Tubb. Elvis Presley recorded it in 1957 for his Elvis’ Christmas Album. It wasn’t released as a single until 1964, when in the US it was backed with “Wooden Heart” from Elvis’ soundtrack to his film G.I. Blues, but from 1965 and on, it was backed with “Santa Claus Is Back In Town.”

I am so bored. Words cannot describe how board I am. It is Christmas and I am sitting here at work, doing absolutely nothing. I have spent the last hour “interagating” my co-worker and driving her insane (Sorry Eva BUT I really am bored).

She got tired of it and told me to stop.

So we are working hard on our Christmas feast. Planning and fixing things. We have Salmon, meatballs, pickled herring (my favourite) and of course my ham that I am very excited to bake (I really have nothing to do if I am excited about doing a ham).

The other floors are having Christmas tables also, but I am sure ours will be the best one. No one has a chance with MY ham and the other guys freshly caught Salmon he has been working on for the past week.

So what does Christman mean at a jail… depressed prisoners (The Place gets quiet here and full of angst) and co workers that are obsessed with food. No famed cartoons at 3 pm for us, we have no TV like a few of the other floors. One even has it in the room they have for personal. So it is a bit unfair. I hate their Christmas table.

I woke up this morning and felt bad for my wife. All alone on Christmas. Her Schedule is not as exciting., She is going to her ex’s apartment to open presents with her boys and then off to her Brothers house to celebrate. Then she has to wait for me to come home and then celebrate with her,

In otherwords BORING.

I have decided that on the 26th I am going to sleep a long ass time to Catch up on all the last weeks lost sleep. In other Words I am so screwed that I will end up waking up at 8 in the morning, but really hoping it was 10.

Life is so unfair when you live your Life is based on the Schedule of a senior Citizen.

I have just heard the news and after New Years it will be illegal for both donator and egg come from 2 donators. What happens to people who are: cannot have kids on their own (say the potentional parents are infertial) or to people who are single lesbians who are infertial. Seems like a strange law. It is not like millions of people are in this situation. IT is just a few people. I do not understand how this is such a big deal.

Sure you can adopt, but how easy is that really? That takes even more work than finding two doners.

I also do not understand this concept of wearing Christmas sweaters. I just want to say that they are ugly and annoying. Just like Christmas Music. It is ugly and annoying.

So if you haven’t guessed. We celebrate Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day here in Sweden.

The radio blares in the background. People are meeting their familes at the jail now. How depressing. The most depressing is when you see a Child that is used tto going through security checks. It is soul crushing to know that they have been here so many times that they do not have to Think about Walking through a metal detector anymore.

I wonder what the person that rides down the elevator Thinks about all of that.

I am trying to Think about what to write here, but the Words have lost me. I hate when I do not have any inspriation.

I finally changed the radio to a station that is NOT state ran. They are so boring. I do not understand how people can listen to them. My wife listens to them, and they really are boring.  They just talk about Christmas baking and play Christmas songs. I have changed to “the best 70’s 80’s and 90’s station” and it makes me wonder… why do they no have a “best 80’s 90’s and 00’s” station. 00’s were almost 20 years ago. Ok 2009 was 9 years ago, but isn’t that long enough to last for a radio station?

Eva is singing “No Worry No Cry” so now she has something to do instead of me asking her questions and listen to state radio while I write here.

I just official died. They played ¤#”¤%” “Last Christmas” now on the radio. I can never escape this song. It is not even a REAL Christmas song. Jesus.

(and yes this is a fact I make very clear to everyone I work with).

Now they are playing some song that is about chasing their shadow. I do not know this song and no one is singing along to it.

At least they are no commericals. One time they had a radio commerical that Went like this:

“I feel like an adult. wooooo adult toys .se” (translated)

One day we were in the car and we hear in the background:

“I feel like an adult. woooo adult toys .se”

My wife and I flipped. Then came the arms flapping in the background “Noooo… this is an adult song. Don’t sing it! Nooooo…”

I had a Picture of my ex hearing this and wanting to kill me.  However it was not my fault. Sweden is a pretty liberal country, but maybe they should not play this on the radio in the middle of the day. What do you think?

Now it is commericals. Casino, food stores, casino, Mary Poppins coming to the Movies,  zip code lottery, travel on-line travel Company, casino,  on-line streaming tv channel, casino, a store that sells hardware, casino, shopping center, car delarship, gym, tv Christmas Movies, Sport Awards, and casino.

Ohhh… Journey “Don’t Stop Beleving”. I Always think of the Sopranos because this was the last song that played at the end. I loved that series. Such a good show. That Goodfellas made me want to be in the maffia.

Think how fun and cool it would be to be a chick in the maffia. It is something to think about. Time to be more liberal I think. I am going to look this up. There are 6 of them. That is cool I think. But still under represented.

Now I am going to go and Cook my ham. Should be good times. 🙂

Will keep you updated.

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