[rap-cher]: This was the first #1 hit song with a rap. Artists like Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, and Kurtis Blow had been rapping since the mid-’70s, and The Sugarhill Gang had the first Top 40 hit earlier in 1980 with “Rapper’s Delight,” but until “Rapture,” rap had never been incorporated into a hit pop song.

How do you you make something that is good better? My daughter has come to the conclusion that when she grows up she wants to discover how you can sell the fancy Lindt chocolate balls at the same place you can pick candy out so “Everyone can try the good candies when they buy other candy.”

Very kind. Very generous of her to decide to share her excellent refined self with the rest of society.

We are however talking about a soon to be 7 year old that says “croissant” like she speaks French fluently.

Kids are special these days. For Christmas she made a mobile telephone out of a fuse bead pegboard (pärlplatta) for my wife.

The times have changed. I would never make a smartphone out of little plastic beads that are melted by an iron.

We went to the mall today. She took it real hard that one of the toy store chains went out of business this week. She asked me drive her all over town to the other toy store chain (two stores) to find a special Lego she needed to have.

I am all for it. It is for 9-12 year olds. Hopefully it will keep her busy for awhile.

The two girls in my life are both sitting here at the kitchen building each their own legos while I am sitting here. Discussions about pieces and “What page are you on?” fill the room as we listen to the radio.

My daughter likes RixFm because they have the best commercials. It is important for small children to be able to tell you how soon your winnings from an online casino can be placed in your bank account. Just ask her, she knows. She can also tell you the jackpots and how many free spins you get if you join.

This are the things that are important to all parents to give their children in the future.

I am proud of her though, that she knows these little things like how to work a telephone, or her pad or even is starting to learn how to use her computer (she got a used one from my wife that she fixed for her).

She is more savvy than most retired people. I can say however my dearly departed grandfather on my father’s side was kicking out the e-mails into his 90’s so that is impressive.

I remember when I first started using computers in the 1980’s. Huge backsides of small screens using DOS. I think the only thing I remember is how to format a disk. We used to make little shapes with “/” in blue text.

We were so cool back in those days. Cutting edge at the time.

Then I became a teenager and discovered modems. A whole new world opened for me. I the awkward teenager I was finally met people just like me. I finally fit in. I remember getting my first kiss from a guy named “polarbear” (Who I later dissed because he said he missed my soft kisses) we made out on a racquetball court underneath the desert starts.

So romantic. So teenage.

I met friends on there. Friends that I would run out the front door when my parents were not paying attention to hang out with on the porch. We would meet up on the weekends and hang out.

Then I met the group that was perfect for me. The group that I still even have a few members of it on my Facebook. Paul, and Susan for example that taught me so much and gave me real friendship, and of course I also made a friend who is sadly not with us anymore… that I wish still was because she took a very nerdy teenager and let her into this world of misfits.

I moved on as the years went by. I went off to college and computers became a thing that you only used to stay up all night and write papers (because all of the other nights before the papers were due you were off doing other things).

Sometimes I miss those days. Because being a grown-up is very boring sometimes.

I don’t drink anymore so I am far from being the life of the party I am now the sensible middle aged woman who wakes up, goes to work, coordinates activities (my daughter has now joined a swim club along with her swim school plus soccer so we are busy) and then comes home and dies on the sofa/couch (see post about how I live in the living room here ) and slowly falls to sleep.

I do miss those days when I did not know I was bipolar and could sleep 3 hours a night for weeks in a row. I great grades, sleep was for babies.

Now I have a baby, or at least she hates to be called that.

If you look up rapture in the dictionary it means: ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy. 

Even if I have gotten boring, older and not as fun as I was. I can say one thing with total confidence.

I have rapture.

My family is now my rapture.

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