Hymn For The Weekend

[him fawr th ee week-end]: This clubby and dreamy track features Beyoncé’s vocals. Queen Bey played alongside Coldplay at the 2015 Global Citizen festival and also contributed to another A Head Full Of Dreams track, “Up & Up.

Freestyle. Ok… I write my all of my blog posts off the top of my head. Yes, 99% of the time I have no idea what I am going to write about before I actually do. Sometimes a word or a sentence will spark me along, but it usually is not much.

I was having fun last night. I went through my photo album and pulled out some old photos from Olan Mills and posted them on my Facebook page. I think for the most part to make people laugh at me, but I tagged my little brother also just to humiliate him in front of his friends.

I have some creepy photos in there. I also have a couple of cool ones from the army, not many… but a few. I am bad with photos. I had all of these photos I took when I was in the army and I think I never developed the film. So five of my years are gone in the air. POOF.

I changed phones and lost all of the photos on there so Facebook is my photo album. Which is a bit sad because according to the world out there everyone has the right to creep in there and check out everything I do. BUT well screw it,

I really am awful at keeping memories.

I remember once I went to Greece for two weeks and I took one photo the whole trip. A goat on a wall (I have no idea where that picture is either).

So my kid looses a tooth; Facebook.

I celebrate another year of marriage; Facebook.

What you will not see on Facebook is a lot of pictures of myself. What am I supposed to take pictures of myself for?

I should make that my New Years resolution.. take more selfies. Let people see what I look like for real. Only the people at work see I am growing my hair out and that it is turning grey (Which reminds me I need to dye my hair again).

So you see? This is freestyle.

Last night my kid and I watched a movie together.

I am a bit tired of kids movies. The only plus is that I never watched them after I was like 10 years old so I have 30 years of films I have never seen. Which is nice because I would go insane. Some of them are good, but I have a really hard time for films where in the middle of doing something people break out in a song. It is really sick how characters do that and how it is annoying.

It would be another good selfie of me to take, one in total terror over children’s films.

At my job (it kind of goes with the company I work for) everyone knows everything in the  newspaper about crime. “Oh that is the guy that killed his wife in (name part of the city here)” I honestly have no idea where or who or what it is. I stopped reading the paper just because of that.

Here is a selfie of me not having any idea about what everyone is talking about.

This morning it was early. My daughter and I were going to watch my wife play hockey. BUT my daughter refused to go to sleep last night until we did. She woke up on her own. I woke up on my own. We almost could have made it in time.

She really wanted to go. I should have woken her up.

This is a selfie of me not taking my daughter to see hockey.

On the other hand, she would have just played with her pad the whole time, Not at all paying attention to the hockey.

Here is a selfie of me and my daughter with her not watching hockey.

Instead my daughter and I took the dog out for a walk in the forrest this morning. It was icy and he found a squirrel he wanted to hunt the whole time.

Here is a selfie of the dog literally dragging me through the forrest and knocking me down to the ground.

I think you get the point. Selfies are a bit underrated in my eyes. I hate that you have to adjust the camera at the right angle to make it look good. IT just annoys me. I should probably take a selfie on here just to see how annoying it looks. It would be good for a laugh.

On other notes I have a bit of a hard time being poetic in this post. I am looking for inspiration so  if you have any other ideas for a topic. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog site or on my Facebook. I would love to have more interaction with the three of you that read what I write. Instead of me just babbling.

My wife got home. She told me she fell on the ice at practice a few times. Sick enough as it is, I enjoying watching people I know fall in front of me. I am that one person that laughs first after someone falls and then ask them if they are ok.

It has to be someone I know or that I see live, not that stupid garbage that you see on TV or on Youtube. I like people that really fall.

Here is a selfie of me laughing while someone falls.

Now I am sharing the kitchen with my daughter and wife. Now it is computer time. Three people all with their laptops sitting at the kitchen table. I don’t think much will be getting done today. It’s ok with me. I am enjoying my vacation, I do feel this pressure to entertain her all the time. I am going to try and get over it.

She has a ton of new toys to play with. She seems happy enough I guess.

I am not much of an activity person. I see my friends that have pictures of all  the stuff they do with their kids all the time. I have no idea how they have the time on the weekends. Do they just cram it all in there like stuffing it all in a Christmas stocking? Do they plan it all like weeks in advance?

I don’t get it. I have no idea what to do especially because all of her friends are on the other side of the city. It is one of the downfalls. Plus she has SO MANY activities all ready, there is no point in getting her into one more that my ex is not going to drive her to (so it would be only once every two weeks she would be there for).

I worry that when she is a teenager she is not going to want to be here because all of her friends are over there.

I guess as a parent you worry about a lot of things.

Here is a selfie of me doing something that every parent does. Worry.




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