[mik-ee]: The cheerleaders in the video were members of a championship squad from Carson High School in Los Angeles. Basil met them at a competition where she was shooting video of cheerleading choreography.


Most people in Sweden think that they have one version of this song and that is by Carola. I have bad news for you. This is the original version and it is in English. Toni Basil sang this version of the song long before Carola or any other country that had a copy of it.

So I am trying to think about what I should write today and the only thing I can think of is Mickey, In the dictionary Mickey means.

Also called Mickey Finn Slang drink, usually alcoholic, to which drug, purgative, or the like, has been secretly added, that renders the unsuspecting rt54cx        76 (this is my cat … those numbers. He decided to help with this blog post) drinker helpless.

So a Mickey back in the early 80’s… Toni Basil in pom poms running around singing about how Mickey is so fine… Is now slang for a drug that sexual predators use on women at clubs all over the world.

Oh how time has changed. And with that time it is odd how some thing are back again. 90’s jeans that go all the way up to your arm pits have I seen before, but what I miss most is those eighties clothes and hairstyles.

Sadly enough I took a page from Oprah I heard many years ago… “If you have lived through it the first time, you are not allowed to wear it again,” sad but true advice.

So no bandana around the neck, no feathered hair and no fuzzy sweaters. Just me and my Superdry. Waiting for my hair to grow out.  Bummer.

I know some people that are stuck in the eighties. I figure they keep their hair that way because it is the best time of their lives. I don’t know why they do it. It cannot cost so much money to go to a salon and fix something new. BUT they refuse. It makes me sad for them to be honest.

I know some people reading this want me more to write about mickey the drug than mickey the boy in the Toni Basil song, but damn I love the song and the video. I always thought it was so cool as a little kid, and now the video effects remind me of a bad powerpoint presentation.

Why do people still use those? They are stuck in a time warp also. Why do we need to see flipping screens that do weird and 90s effects to know what in the hell you are talking about? I never understood it.

I just fell on the ice outside, which is so typical. I went to the store. It hurts. It was in front of people and I landed on my back and looked like a total idiot. This will happen more than once this winter. The funny thing was I knew that I was going to fall. Not right before I fell, more like I started walking and I could feel it; “I am going to fall… I know I am going to fall” I thought to myself. Sure enough. I fell.

Good thing at least my daughter did not laugh at me, but she made me on the way back “Walk a long way behind me” I am already embarrassing my daughter and she is only 6.

Anyway back to copycats. Covers. I hate covers. I have never found for the most part a song that has been realised  the first time that has been better when someone who is not them. It feels like a copout, A sign that you are too lazy to write your own music, or at least play your own music.

Irony be it may, Toni’s song is a copycat of a song called “Kitty” by another group. BUT she at leased changed the text. I hate covers where they just sing the song and play it. It reminds me of a bunch of middle aged men who are living out their lost dreams of being rock stars..

Generic cola. I hate that too. Mainly because real cola does not cost that much, and generic cola probably tastes like garbage. I like the names of it like here they have a brand called “Freeway”. It sounds so liberating, or in English in America it is a road or interstate where you do not pay tolls on.

If I was really poor and did not have money for a real glass of coke, I would just start drinking water. It seems more simple and much more proud than walking around with that bottle of freeway.

I remember once I dated a chick named Petra that made her kids drink Freeway cola. That should have been a major red flag. Then she would make her kids drink out of the same glass the whole day. Another red flag. I finally broke it off when she had a dress that had the text “night fever” on it.

My wife has a pair of sweat shorts that say “summer feeling” I made fun of her all the time because of it, but at least she does not drink copycat cola. Or for that matter make us all drink out of the same glass all day. That is what dishwashers are for.

On another note… I would just like to wish the three of you out there a happy new year. This new years we ate some dinner at 5 pm I made sirloin cooked in garlic butter sauce, potatoes au gratin and asparagus. My daughter has meatballs and pommes with peas. Everyone was happy with our dinner and this evening we will be in our sweats playing bingo until midnight.

I don’t have any new years resolutions because I do not believe in them. I don’t plan on changing a single thing next year unless I want to. Not because some single day on the calendar.

Anyway have a happy new year… and for the preview of my next post… it should be a bit better than this one. That can be my resolution. To keep on blogging maybe?

Have fun tonight. 🙂




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