Talking In Your Sleep

[tawking in yoo r sleep]  “Talking In Your Sleep” is the biggest hit of The Romantics’ career. In fact, it’s their only Top-10 hit, and only one other song by them (“One in a Million”) even made it to the Top 40. Contrast that with the number of times you’ve heard The Romantics’ “What I Like About You”, which only made it to #49. Written by the band, this singer learns his lover’s secrets when she reveals them in her sleep. Luckily for the i talk in my sleepguy, she says lots of nice things about him.



I talk in my sleep. Before I stopped taking Ambien I spoke a lot more in my sleep. The great thing about me and sleeping is that you can have full on conversations when I sleep and start talking. No just saying words here, you can let me tell you a story and ask me questions and you will get full on answers.

Once my wife recorded me when I started talking about going to go on a ride at Marilyn Monroe’s house. She would ask me where we were going, what the ride was and what the ride was. (apparently it was a ride where you went to have coffee and look at her body when she was dead).

Our dreams are random things that we see that get stuffed somewhere in our head. I had a dream earlier in the past week about some people I work with. I have no idea who it was (except one and that was because it was just odd to have this one person in my dream) and so it is.

I never have any life shattering news. Just random things that come up in my mind. No secrets or anything like that.

The dog dreams sometimes. I wonder what dogs dream about. Do they dream of other dogs? Do they dream of eating bones?  This is our dog Rob.

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Those are my wife’s legs. Very exciting picture, but probably interesting to put a face to all of the talk about him at least.

I start my Swedish class tomorrow. It is like first year in High School Swedish. I have no idea why I am taking it, but it is probably good for me to learn better grammar. Plus it is good to challenge yourself I think. I am doing it by distance at 25% (with a kid and work I could never be able to handle a faster speed). So the only time I have to show up at the school is for the final exam. Which is always a real pain in the ass because you have to write everything on paper than use a computer. I am so meticulous with my handwriting that it literally takes me forever.

Personal enlightenment is a good thing right? Besides soon I am going to become an American football widow. My wife plays in elite series football so she will be off training three days a week plus she is on the board for the whole thing so for the 8 of you… you will be lucky and get to read all that I write about.

Still looking for things to write about so please free to leave something in the comment box below the post. I am always in desperate need of things to write about. It seems like inspiration has gone down to zero and it is a bit tough when I REALLY want to keep this thing fresh and new all the time.

So I am now sitting here in the living room/bed room on the bed/sofa writing. The little lap is on and the old christmas light is still sitting here unplugged. I could have sworn I told my wife to put the Christmas light away this weekend while I was at work. That will be my big project. Move the one light over to the closet. It is big time interesting. I know, my life is very exciting at the moment, but I am tired.

I will get to sleep in tomorrow. Knowing my luck I will be wide awake at 7. I am so used to getting up before 5 that I guess that counts as “sleeping in” even though it sucks I should be glad. The rest of the week will be filled with more 5 am wake up calls and then on the weekend “Mamma I am hungry” from my daughter on the weekend.

Another very exciting project I have for this evening is to go through our food order and make sure that everything is right and at the cheapest prices. Our food bill makes me insane. It costs so much for food here that it is insane.

I am going to take a break here for a few minutes and get this torture over… give me a few minutes.

Ok finished. I saved us 20 dollars. Pretty easy. I know what we have in the kitchen.

Now it is quiet again. I have my phone playing music and my Google Chrome pictures flashing on the screen. It feels a lite like something brilliant should be coming from my fingers.  My palm hurts from the desk I wrote my last post on. With the glory of the beautiful glassed in reception desk I can say the tables suck.

I got a nice note today from a friend of mine who is moving on to bigger and better things at work. She has left the building and cleaned out her locker like so many people around me have done. I am the last one left to be in that corner of the dressing room. Well I take that back someone else has worked there just as long, but she moved in after me. That is my corner and I have watched people come and go way too much.

There was this article I saw on Facebook a friend posted about a man who quit being a police officer because of the situation there with the police and how everything is outdated and they are underpaid.

Here are we locked in this fancy little glass house and they pay people of the street to make more money than me with 10 years experience of hitting the floor, making sure you are safe when the shit hits the fan and being the eyes and ears of where you work.

I just like everyone there are what makes things running. Without us there is no Sollentuna. Your mail does not get sorted if you are doing hard time, you do not get your three home made meals (which are better than what they feed kids in some of the schools here) and you do not have everything you need served to you in a professional matter.

Instead you are faced with anguish and looked with disgust by the residents of the house. Temper tantrums and bowls of cereal flying at you. Worse of all is the people that have lost all hope and start throwing feces at you.

For all of this we get paid nothing and it is never posted in the media. I am quite inclined to start writing about it here and making it my new project here.

Saved By Zero is very fitting for the topic of angst and losing all hope.

I remember when I worked in a high security prison I used to open the floor to the cell block and the smell would defeat me.  You knew that it was people just doing their time and making it their mission to give you much drama as possible, but also avoiding you at the same flash of a minute.

I was naive and enthusiastic. Just like I was when the jail opened 8 years ago. I thought we were going to be the best place to work. Instead they started to call it “The House That God Had Forgotten” Perhaps I will write a series about the house that God has forgotten.

Would that be interesting? Perhaps. I have a bit of free time tomorrow and now I have a topic to write about so perhaps I will be able to crank a few posts about it.

So I probably will be talking in my sleep tonight. I have an idea. Thanks for listening and giving me some inspiration tonight. 🙂




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