Anyplace Anywhere Anytime

[en-ee-pleys en-ee-hwair en-ee-tahym]: The remake of “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” as an English-German duet with KimWilde was a hit in various European countries, reaching the No. 1spot in the Netherlands and Austria, and No. 3 in Germany, in 2003.

The House That God Has Forgotten Part 10: Life on the bridge

There is a bit of anticipation running around The House That God Has Forgotten. It is the age of pepper spray. Everyone seems to want to fill their belts with fancy little tools to make their jobs easier.

The big belts where everything sits on there and there is not a single spare space for anything. Key holders, handcuffs you can see (which I heard today “This is how we do it”).

The batons hanging at your side.

The name tags hidden, or scratched out so you cannot see who they are. Or even the classic of changing your colour to look like you work with something else than what you have for a job at the moment.

On the 29th a new generation is born. It is time for some new people to learn what it feels like to get pepper dropped on their eyelid and then handcuff a guy on the ground. The talking about what needing to study for the big written test.

Oh the stress that let its’ self out while I was working up at the promenade today. A lot of noise and too many people for me to concentrate. It is a lot of what people expect of an operator, that they can do everything at the same time.

Probably because we make it look so easy. While the boots are talking and discussing we are responsible for getting over 240 people the right to their time up on the yard. We open doors, we keep them from meeting each other and we also have to have control of everything around us.

We have this one part of the job that us operators call the “Facebook Job” because one of the people takes space, but does nothing but surf the internet. It is a bit frustrating for an operator to handle.

We get no breaks. Even going to the bathroom is a major operation. There were 5 of us up there today (normally 4) and only three of us did our jobs.

It is a little frustrating.

Then you have all of the visitors that came up today.

“Here is the promenade. This is Calandra.”

I look up from the screen and raise my hand in the air.

Then you have when two people stay up there.

Now we are going to have an introduction. The chatter next to me is something I can deal with. The slow unsteady talking on the radio, the saying too much information to me.

I have patience. I can accept that.

When the guy that brought him up there starts laughing out loud and the others are joking at the top of their lungs, the cells ringing telling me over and over again;

“I’m cold I want to go down.”

And me with my diplomatic voice “I will get to you as soon as I get a chance ok? Right now I am busy”

Different floors wanting different things.

“Can you send this guy down? Can you take this guy up as soon as possible?”

It is a lot to take in. A lot to do as we sit there and click the buttons with the mouse.

Then to have Facebook there not running around makes things even harder. I even tried to make Facebook work today.

It fell fat on my face.

I had a glimmer of hope this weekend. A guy that ran around and checked everything. Told me when someone was in. When someone was out. It made my job a million times easier.

It is too bad that not everyone does this for us.

I think about people that work on another floor that go down to the part of the jail that takes care of visitors.

They run their asses off. They do not have time to look at Facebook, or laugh at the top of their lungs.

The worst thing being up there is when people get thrown up there with a ton of responsibility, but have never had an introduction from their floor.

The promenade has been a dumping ground for the new that have never done it before. Then it becomes my job to make sure that they do theirs.

Some of my colleagues say to me “It is your job to run the elevators and get them into their cells”, but for the most we some operators know that we cannot trust anyone.

If it a mistake it lands on our asses that something wrong happened.

We have to know what floors we send up, which cells are broken and above all know when the floor can take them.

They set a cart in front of an elevator instead of saying something.

With all that noise the only thing we hear is “We can take them” on the radio and then flies that dreaded cart in front of the elevator.

Where we have a guy waiting in a tiny elevator for God knows how long.

A ticking time bomb.

Today on the promenade one floor tried to in the middle of everything show the kiosk in the middle of me sending people down.

I would sent the guy down and they would take another guy out of his cell to buy candy.

It is the operator that has to advise them that it is a bad idea.

“Can you please let me send down these 4 guys down and then you can let them buy from the kiosk”

It is just another day on the 12th floor in The House That God Has Forgotten.

Welcome to the roof. With the noise, the Facebook, the tons of movement.

The life of the operator.

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime in The House That God Has Forgotten.

1 kap. Yttrandefriheten enligt denna grundlag

Syfte och grunder

1 §   Var och en är gentemot det allmänna tillförsäkrad rätt enligt denna grundlag att i ljudradio, tv och vissa liknande överföringar, offentliga uppspelningar ur en databas samt filmer, videogram, ljudupptagningar och andra tekniska upptagningar offentligen uttrycka tankar, åsikter och känslor och i övrigt lämna uppgifter i vilket ämne som helst.

Yttrandefriheten enligt denna grundlag har till ändamål att säkra ett fritt meningsutbyte, en fri och allsidig upplysning och ett fritt konstnärligt skapande. I den får inga andra begränsningar göras än de som följer av denna grundlag. Lag (2018:1802).

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