[mey-jer tom]: The song got a big lift when MTV put the video in rotation. This was thanks to a woman named Robin Sloane, who was working at Elektra Records as head of video promotion – a job title that existed for that short time when MTV could be pitched videos.


The House That God Has Forgotten part 38: The countdown has begun.

Today I dropped my daughter over to her friends house. Now my ex will have her until Wednesday. Monday the 1st grade starts and I will not be there… Instead I will be at The House That God Has Forgotten.

I have not thought too much about The House That God Has Forgotten until this moment. The kid getting dropped of. The few hours left alone in the apartment, and then work on Monday.

I know things will be the same when I walk through those rotating glass doors and into the locker room to hang up my sweatshirt I have on. I know the people that started working a week ago will be tired again.

I know this because I will be tired again after one day. The place does it to you, and sorry… these past 4 weeks I have not missed you.

I have not missed the pissing and moaning about coffee not being fresh, the countdown until it is time to get off work, or the running all over the city and the sitting and watching football and track and field after school.

I do not miss having to listen to kids complain and moan about school food, or the need to warmup my lunch n a dirty microwave.

No my friends I do not miss it at all.

What I will miss is getting to sleep in until 7 in the morning (remember I have a 7 year old). I will miss doing kid things like camping in a windstorm, going to playland and spending a week up in Dalarna. Picking up my daughter from 4H camp and seeing that she is loving it.

I will miss the weather and the longer days that are now are turning slowly darker and soon enough will be dark when I go to work and dark again when I come home.

The countdown has begun… 2 and a half days until I will be at The House That God Has Forgotten.

I miss having my daughter around all the time, already. It won’t be the same not having cartoons on the television all the time.

I already have angst about walking through those doors again.

Damn The House That God Has Forgotten! Summer draws to an end… and the countdown begins.


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