Talking in your sleep

[tawk ing in yohr sleep]: “Talking In Your Sleep” is the biggest hit of The Romantics’ career. In fact, it’s their only Top-10 hit, and only one other song by them (“One in a Million”) even made it to the Top 40.

The House That God Has Forgotten Part 58: All love is a good love

I am sitting here listening to my playlist that is named “music” (still fascinated how I could come up which such an original name, but can sit here and write about other things all of the time).

We had a lot of interesting conversations at work (like we always do because we are so bored) one of them was how the toilet clogged the drain in the bathroom. That was not so popular.

If I would tell my wife I talked about how she was in the bathroom with a plunger in her hand over the drain after work, she probably would kill me.

“We do not talk about that kind of stuff where I work, your job has such a hard climate. Maybe it is because what you do, maybe it is that…”

I would like to note that in the conversation when they tried to get me to talk about something else than toilet paper they changed the topic to;

“So what are you going to have for dinner Calandra?”

I am sure somehow, my conversation has gone against some ethic standard we have at The House That God Has Forgotten, what it is I have no idea, but it seems like these days you have to be a bit paranoid all the time.

“I know you have a pretty high roof here” I have heard from more than one boss in my past 10 years in the business of corrections. I wonder is there anywhere where the roof is low? People joke and talk about some crazy shit at work.

We have no one else to talk to…it is we who have time to spend.and it is with each other? So is it so wrong for me to talk about the drain? It is more like me sharing something with my “family” because well I spend more time with you people than I do with the people I choose to spend time with.

So does that make my time off like me going to work with people I want to be with and then at work as my home with family I did not choose?

We have in some way some strange family relations. We snap at each other when we are not in a good mood, we have jokes no one ever gets but the people around you, we share the big moments in each others lives (both the good and the bad), we fight, we fall in love, we fall out of love, and even sadly we sometimes die.

I have seen this happen all around me since The House That God Ha Forgotten has been open since 2011.

I have watched so many people come and go. So many people…it is hard to keep track of it anymore. New faces, new things happening, new people to share my life story with. New people, I get to watch trying to fit in. New lives happening around me.

if I could I would love to be a ghost that got to follow you around all day at The House That God Has Forgotten. I am selfish like that, I want to know all of the inside jokes and I want to know what is so funny.

I guess what I am saying is that when I watch our little world even though it sucks to be there, you people make it a lot more bearable.

When I think of friends, I think of one or two outside The House That God Has Forgotten. When I think of a friend, I think of you that is reading this right now.
You are a friend of mine.
I think you are great for who you are.

You are awesome.

1 kap. Yttrandefriheten enligt denna grundlag

Syfte och grunder

1 §  Var och en är gentemot det allmänna tillförsäkrad rätt enligt denna grundlag att i ljudradio, tv och vissa liknande överföringar, offentliga uppspelningar ur en databas samt filmer, videogram, ljudupptagningar och andra tekniska upptagningar offentligen uttrycka tankar, åsikter och känslor och i övrigt lämna uppgifter i vilket ämne som helst.

Yttrandefriheten enligt denna grundlag har till ändamål att säkra ett fritt meningsutbyte, en fri och allsidig upplysning och ett fritt konstnärligt skapande. I den får inga andra begränsningar göras än de som följer av denna grundlag. Lag (2018:1802).

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