[out uhv tuhch]: In a 1985 interview with the New York City Tribune, John Oates, who came up with the original idea for the song and wrote the chorus, explained the importance of the line in the song, “We’re soul alone and soul really matters to me”

The House That God Has Forgotten part 73: The chicken with their head cut off.

Today was not just another day at The House That God Has Forgotten…it was APT day! Avery exciting meeting where everyone (ok almost everyone gets to be there) with whom I work with sit around and talk about things we have questions about, ask the boss things and get some clarity to things we maybe do not all know or how the routine is.

Get what I am saying here?

I got stuck being the one that reads all the shit for the meeting. Try to keep things on track, and cover all the points on the 2.5 sided document that has everything we are supposed to talk about.

I am still irritated I had to do this task considering I got stuck doing it in April and think it is majorly unfair that I get stuck with it again in August. This means I have to listen instead of spacing out, looking at the clock and wondering when the meeting would end.

I already had a sense of dread pour before my body when I knew who the boss would be that is leading this meeting would be. I knew it was going to be chaos.

You see we have no boss. We will have 5 (yes 5!) over a period of 5 weeks. So it is like winning or losing the lottery. “Is this one going to be good this week?” is a question that goes through my mind on Monday as I walk into The House That God Has Forgotten.

Before we even start getting into my little pieces of paper, the boss of the moment hijacks the meeting.

“There are a couple of things I would like to bring up…”

This turned into a long discussion about things like promenade, watches, and who actually makes decisions over things (the end of the discussion let to basically this boss had no idea who).

Logic was completely out the window and it sounded a bit like Charlie Brown’s teacher who does the “wa wa wa wa” and you basically turn off what is being said.

My colleagues had logical arguments that I cannot really go into here, (security you know) but they were met by illogical answers.

One boss says one thing, this boss says another. We do not know if we are supposed to shit standing up or sitting down. It gets very confusing.

We found out that we probably, or maybe will be getting the food machine soon. (that has only taken 2.5 years) So something old is being updated with something new.

We can easily say that a meeting that is supposed to be for us we spoke approx. 10% of the meeting.

I struggled to get us on track, but could not get a word in.

When I pulled the secretary to the side she said: “I am having a hard time of keeping track of what part of the meeting we are on!”

We got a protocol read to us. This is changing by the 4th of January. Stuff we pretty much already know, but getting it repeated to us for a new time.

Yes we know LC is getting assigned. We know our boss is no longer our boss. We know this, we know that.

It grew more and more like torture.

Deep cleaning of our areas came up (we have planned for 4 people to come in one weekend and clean everything from top to toe. X-ray machines etc.). We were told that we all clean the microwave after we use it.

  1. I guess the concept of that people actually clean the microwave is something he thinks is normal at a workplace.
  2. That cleaning a microwave is not the same thing as scrubbing an x-ray machine clean.

We were awe struck at their logic.

Like I said, every logical argument was met with babble that had nothing to do with reality.

In the end of it all they spoke 90% of the time and we spoke 10%.

When people asked when we came back.

“How did it go at the APT?”

I replied; “Well those are two hours I will not be getting back in my life.”

So is it like this everywhere at The House That God Has Forgotten? Why do bosses insist on hijacking meetings that are for the little guy? It is like the only time we get to meet up and discuss things.

Yet today we won the lottery. We got nothing but babble and disappointment. With someone that is completely out of touch with reality.

As I sit here and write….I have a great deal of compassion for the people that are under them. This is every meeting for them.

At least I hear the food machine is on it’s way…or so they say every meeting.

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