[ri-mahynd mee]: The song “Remind Me” is also famous for its computer animated video, directed by Ludovic Houplan and Hervé de Crécy of the French motion graphics studio H5. It features a day in the life of a woman working in London’s Square Mile solely through infographics; this includes labelled close-ups of everyday objects, product lifecycles, schematic diagrams, charts, and is generally illustrated in a simple isometric visual style.

The House God Has Forgotten part 79: Forgotten, no logic, and insanity.

First, I have to say that this is one of the coolest videos ever. It makes me feel like I do every morning…waking up and sitting in a room and consuming things.

I was away from The House God Has Forgotten for almost 2 weeks sick (I had a viral infection) I had 6 of them off (in a row!) and ended up sitting on the sofa with the feeling a heavy stone was on my cheat and a sore throat.

I took the Corona test. It was negative.

I came back and I opened my E-mail and besides the weekly emails from our boss (that are informative and have information) I not only got a very exciting monthly letter from the warden, but also the strangest mail on the planet from the Human Resources person. (for those of you that have read it, you know what I mean and I promise you I will get back to you on this topic).

In the monthly letter, the warden talks about a policy where you cannot be sick more than 6 times a year without having a meeting with your boss. BUT according to the rules for Corona…IF you have THE SLIGHTEST signs of a cold or flu you are supposed to stay at home.

So…I of course do not understand the logic of the whole thing.

Anyway… I have 8 so I have to go and see my boss next Wednesday to discuss why I have been sick 8 times this year.

Let’s see why I am sick 8 times a year.

3 kids all going to school in different parts of the city all spread out from each other.

A wife who has had Cancer and has the worlds worst immune system so if she is around someone who is sick (like football or hockey training) she drags that shit home with her.

AND one of my medicines lowers the immune system.

So that is why I was sick 8 times.

The other news was sad. A nurse that used to work at The House God Has Forgotten died. She quit recently, but it was unexpected. It seems so surreal that yet another person that has worked there has died. That makes it a total of around 6 people who have died since 2011.

Of course, a jail is a lot like a little city, people from different walks of life, people that get sick, people that die where we never find out why, and even people who have taken their own life.

It is a bit haunting to see their profiles on Facebook. People you know that have died that still have their page up. Where you get hauntingly reminded “X fyller år idag”. You want them to change it to that thing Facebook can do after you die…so you do not have to think about the fact that birthdays are something they will not be celebrating anymore.

They are gone. We go on at The House God Has Forgotten.

It was 9 years Karen died a few days ago. A person that never gets talked about too much anymore to new people. They do not know who she is, or where they were when they found out she was murdered by an inmate.

Now we have lists of inmates having 3 guards or 2 or whatever. Lists that never get updated.

Lists that get rambled out at morning meetings. This is what we get when someone gets murdered on the job.

A list. A list that never updates on time. People put inmates on them, take them off; no one knows who, what, or when.

What a disgrace it is to her that this is how her memory lives on.

No one of the people that provided an insecure work environment got punished.

The lies that she was not alone as she opened that door to promenade, that the camera was a person. (how can a camera be a person?) Instead, they went on to better jobs, and the family never got justice.

All of the people that knew her, that worked with her. Even if they stopped working in The Department Of Corrections will always remember what happened.

I noticed a guy waiting by an elevator all alone to send an inmate down the elevator. In a hallway where a door was held open by a big trashcan. All alone.

You know they were not around when that happened (hopefully). I am just waiting for that one day it could happen again…and that someone I work with is staring through a camera and cannot do anything.

Now on to something that irritates me. The whole VB hiring. We have two capable people who were filling in at that position, and only one got it.

Many speculations that daddy works at the head office or that they are trying to fill a gender quota. I hear that they filled in for a boss at a prison not so far away.

I am going to be very careful around this person. That is all I am going to say.

Congratulations to the person who got the job. You are worthy; you deserve it. I am in full trust in your leadership.

The other person that didn’t get the job…you got screwed! Please don’t let them win. You deserve better! I think (even though I would be losing a fine colleague) you should go somewhere they appreciate you!

Finally, I leave the best for last: the HR letter.

I know everything about this person.

They are talking about getting in shape and exercising.

They are renovating.

They think that it is nice to sleep on the floor.

AND most importantly; they eat breakfast in the bathroom!

How on Earth would you publicly admit that you eat in the bathroom? We are getting our bathrooms renovated in March. I am not going to eat in them even when they are brand new and finished.

I am not going to eat in them while they are getting renovated.

I am tired of their mails. They are annoying and I do not understand how they can sit there and write to them. It says “weekly” so I am sure the shit show will get even bigger.

Maybe they should stop writing these letters. Just a tip.

Not a good idea.

We got to meet that psychologist/social worker today for our group. There was 3 of us for our meeting. It is not even funny. We had to introduce ourselves without saying something on the paper we wrote to introduce ourselves or something everyone at work knows about you.

I told one guy how I like to watch Married at First Sight and how next week they are all locked in because of Corona and how it is going to be fun because they will fight all the time.

The other guy I told about how I was molested at a movie theatre when I was 12 and how I was afraid to tell my parents because they would yell at me.

I guess it is obvious who I trusted more.

I still don’t see what this has to do with my job.

1 kap. Yttrandefriheten enligt denna grundlag

Syfte och grunder

1 §   Var och en är gentemot det allmänna tillförsäkrad rätt enligt denna grundlag att i ljudradio, tv och vissa liknande överföringar, offentliga uppspelningar ur en databas samt filmer, videogram, ljudupptagningar och andra tekniska upptagningar offentligen uttrycka tankar, åsikter och känslor och i övrigt lämna uppgifter i vilket ämne som helst.

Yttrandefriheten enligt denna grundlag har till ändamål att säkra ett fritt meningsutbyte, en fri och allsidig upplysning och ett fritt konstnärligt skapande. I den får inga andra begränsningar göras än de som följer av denna grundlag. Lag (2018:1802).

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