Calandra Leslie

A 46-year-old American ex-pat has lived in Japan, Germany, and Bosnia. Now I have been living in Sweden for over 23 years.

Welcome to my world.

I love to write. About anything and everything. I am bi-polar so a lot of it has to do with mental health issues. The other side of my life has to do with the hidden world behind the scenes in Swedish jails and prisons.

I am also on a new journey. A journey of looking into going back to school again. Finding a better job, a job that pays more money.

What I do.

Corrections officer


Past Experience

(2009- )
Currently working in the control room and security checks in one of the most high-security jails in Sweden. I work as a representative of The Rights of The Child a United Nations ratification about children’s rights. I am also a mentor. Training new colleagues at our job.

Freelance Web Design/Writing
Produced small websites for private individuals and companies. Also wrote articles as a tech review for websites.

United States Army
(1994 – 1999)
Served as Military Police. Was involved in the typical duties as a civilian police offer, but also trained often in a combat environment. Was responsible to soldiers under my guidance for everything they had to do both on and off the job. Readiness and leadership were required at all times.

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